Coffee First!

RAW, 11 january 2018
Coffee First!

Do you like good coffee? We love it and think there is nothing more important than a cup of good coffee in the morning. The inspiration for this design comes from the offshore work environment, where due to its specific features peoples lives are often at risk and many daily activities considered dangerous. Special precautions must be implemented in order to mitigate or eliminate the risk, dozens of papers, work permits filled and signed.

Safety First is the slogan that appears everywhere, posters on the walls, work documents, site inductions, in peoples mouths. It is priority No1. It has became the motto repeated at every step. Even though it is taken seriously it has also become an object of jokes and funny alterations. 

For that reason and also because we are coffee addicts we created COFFEE FIRST. Regardless what work you do and what is most important in it, if you think that morning coffee is priority No1 this one is for you! :)


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