BLACK BEET is a project belonging to the RAW Concepts group, a start-up aimed mainly at firearms and shooting enthusiasts, those in uniformed services and hobbyists interested in everything military-related.

Humour black as gunpowder, pencils sharp as swords and heads filled with TNT are our weapons of choice. Sometimes they're not enough, so our arsenal also includes more conventional tools with a pin and spring... and we're not talking about tattoo machines, even though we're adept at handling those as well. We hide more surprises than a typical Afghan road, everything is just a matter of time.

Copying or duplicating is not our game - we create!  

We produce only small runs, create short series, choose high-quality fabrics, and cut them and sew them in a small sewing room in Poland, so that they become a medium for hand-made graphics. 

We then pack everything aesthetically and ship it off to you.

Armed Artist Collective - Black Beet Co.


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